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History visit to National Portrait Gallery and Tower of London

This year, History GCSE students have been learning a new topic; Elizabethan England 1558-1588.They completed their studies by December 2016 and this trip in the New Year was intended to offer development and extension of knowledge. It was an interesting day and served a useful purpose to consolidate student learning.

We set off to the National Portrait Gallery were we were met by the Deputy curator. She delivered an engaging and academic lecture on portrait study and Connaught pupils were very impressive with their level of engagement and knowledge. Many students were keen to show off their skills at source analysis. They also had an opportunity to visit the gallery and see portraits in real size and understand the symbolism and significance behind them.

The Tower of London enabled students to investigate entire buildings that were relevant to the topic. Despite the cold January weather, the students answered questions and completed activities allowing them to gain real insight into the many uses of the Tower and what it may have been like in the 16th century. Their focus and ability was a credit to the school.