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Languages Visit - Spain

On March 30th 2017, 46 girls and 5 members of staff hopped onto a plane and started the journey to Barcelona. After a flight of 2 hours and 10 minutes and a coach journey to the coast, the school party reached their hotel then went to spend their first sunny, warm evening on the beach!

The next sunny day saw everyone back onto the coach to spend the day in the centre of Barcelona stopping firstly at the zoo. This was then followed by a cultural afternoon at Poble Espanol, an open-air architectural museum in Barcelona. To finalise the first day, the group drove past the Olympic stadium and arrived at 'La Rambla', a street in central Barcelona, popular with tourists and locals alike thanks to the different market stalls. This cultural day allowed the girls their own freedom to view the sights of Barcelona and to immerse themselves into the Spanish language. 

The final full (rainy!) day was spent in 'Tibidabo' amusement park. The park was high up above Barcelona and offered absolutely amazing views! The journey back to the hotel allowed everyone to briefly see 'La Sagrada Famila', a very famous Roman Catholic church, designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. The evening drew in and it was time for the DJ’s to start the disco!

The party returned to Leytonstone the following day, all exhausted after a great trip and we hope the girls enjoyed themselves as much as our staff did.

The 2017 Connaught trip to Spain was an amazing educational trip that let us experience Spanish culture and helped us to develop our own Spanish language skills.  We went to many places including “Las Ramblas” a Spanish market, Tibidabado theme park and my personal favourite “Poble Espanol”. Poble Espanol is a cultural centre with lots of cool shops! Here, we were able to talk in Spanish in order to buy snacks and souvenirs. We also saw Gaudi’s famous cathedral “La Sagrada Familia”.

 We stayed in a hotel in Tossa del mar, a sea side town, near Barcelona and spent our first evening at the beach! I thought the trip was amazing as it taught me a lot about Spanish culture. It has definitely inspired me to choose Spanish for my GCSE’s. Asiya 8S

Many thanks to Miss Noakes who organised the trip and to her and all other staff members who gave their time to accompany our students on a visit that will surely leave a lifetime of memories.

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