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New OFSTED report

Dear Parents/Carers, 


I am delighted to announce that, following the recent OFSTED inspection dated 3rd and 4th October, the school continues to be judged as a good school.


It is pleasing to read such positive things about our school and I am very happy with the conclusions the inspectors came to after spending two days in school. It is a testament to the hard work of the staff and the skills of the inspectors that they were able, in a relatively short time, to recognise the many things that we are so proud of here at Connaught School for Girls, and to sum up our school so succinctly. 


It would be an entirely reasonable question to ask why I am so pleased when the overall judgement of ‘good’. The answer is that this is a brand new inspection framework being used to judge schools with the focus now being very much on the curriculum. My own thoughts are that this is entirely the right thing to do; it is, and always has been about the breadth and the quality of education and I’m proud to say that the inspectors recognised the broad range of subjects we offer which are well planned, logical and well understood by our students.


The lead inspector told me at the conclusion of the inspection that what a pleasure it was to visit our school and meet the students, who really are our best ambassadors.  The girls told the team that they felt safe and that the staff are always there to help them if they had any worries. They recognised that leaders and staff go the extra mile to make sure that, aside from the exceptional education the girls receive, there is also a wide extra-curricular programme to give them a very well rounded education.   


There is still some work to do, and we will take on board the recommendations made to ensure that we will continue to reflect and move the school forward in the next phase of our journey together.  


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those parents who gave their views on the Parentview portal and expressed their views.  It is much appreciated. The full report can be viewed on the OFSTED and the school’s website.


Avani Higgins