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Public Speaking Competition

A group of around thirty Year 10 students participated in this year's Jack Petchey “Speak Out” Challenge! This annual workshop for Year 10 students is a programme run by Speakers Trust designed to build the skills, confidence and desire to speak in public.

If there was one way to describe my experience at Jack Petchey it would eye opening. The workshop not only taught me how to present my opinions and views on different topics, but also taught me how to be a better listener. Throughout the whole day, we gave a total of one impromptu speech and two longer speeches of our choice. In addition, we learned many tips and tricks which prepared us for speaking in front of an audience. For me, the most helpful were to make good eye contact and to use many hand gestures. It was also very nice to hear the stories and experiences of my peers and some were very heartwarming. All day I felt very welcomed and really enjoyed myself. To sum up, I’m very happy that I was chosen to take part in this wonderful experience because it gave me many opportunities to develop as a speaker. Ivet Hristova, Year 10 Student

 The Waltham Forest Regional Final 2018-19 will be held at 18:00 at Buxton School on 27th November 2018. Good luck girls!