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World Book Day - Speed Dating!

To celebrate World Book Day the school library held a speed dating/book reading event . Twelve readers (one from each form in years 7, 8 & 9) were seated at tables with a copy of the book they were recommending. Twelve visiting students sat opposite the twelve readers.  The readers then spoke about their book to their visitor for one minute. A large clock on the whiteboard counted down the 60 seconds. When the alarm sounded the visiting girls moved on to the next reader. This continued until each student had heard 12 book reviews. At the end of the session the school librarian asked each student if they wanted to read any of the books that they had just heard about and everyone had at least one book they vowed to read.

The readers worked extremely hard. Talking for about the same book twenty four times was not easy. Both readers and students enjoyed their dates, and many made very positive comments about their experience including:

That was really hard work but I'm glad others want to read the book I was presenting.


I've now got three books I really want to read.  Thanks!

Special thanks go to Masheta Mangal, a library prefect,  for manning the stop clock and to Mrs Donohue, the school librarian, for organising this very successful event.